Category Topics

Section 1: ToON Introduction

Web2.0 and Web3.0 are two separate universes; each operates according to its own ruleset. At the moment, Web2.0 is a lot bigger, but we believe the future lies with Web3.0. While Web3.0 has already reinvented and improved a lot of Web2.0 tools and principles, very few people have so far adopted them for day-to-day use.

Section 2: ToON Ecosystem

Welcome to the ToON Ecosystem category! This is the place to find all the latest updates and information about the various products and applications of the ToON ecosystem.

Section 3: ToON Nation

Community Incentives category of the ToON project! This is a space for our community members to discuss and propose community initiatives that can help drive the growth and success of our project.

Section 4: ToON Governance

Welcome to the Governance category for the ToON project! Our governance framework is currently in development and will provide a platform for community members to participate in decision-making processes that affect the future of our project.