Introduction into ToON

Key message

Web2.0 and Web3.0 are two separate universes; each operates according to its own ruleset. At the moment, Web2.0 is a lot bigger, but we believe the future lies with Web3.0. While Web3.0 has already reinvented and improved a lot of Web2.0 tools and principles, very few people have so far adopted them for day-to-day use.

We are here to merge Web2.0 and Web3.0 dwellers into a single ToON Nation that will fully use the capacity of top-notch technologies to build its future. To do it, we need to take the best of the two existing worlds: power of the huge Web2.0 audience and strength of advanced Web3.0 technology. Therefore, we are embarking on a project at the nexus of Web2.0 and Web3.0.

Project DNA

We see that every new Web3.0 project, in particular, every blockchain platform, creates its own community, or a “nation”. Yet, the Web3.0 world is now very toxic with each small team striving to rake in as much cash as possible regardless of means.

We want to explore a healthier path where balance replaces toxicity. All money transferred to the smart contract in our system will be spent on charity. While earning from the project, our citizens will also help make the offline real world a better place.

Project Team

Our key asset is the team with a history of success in Web2.0. This team launched Photo Lab, ToonMe and NPP apps that conquered millions of users and top relevant ratings globally. We have hunted for some bright heads from the Web3.0 realm too to become stronger and are now ready to implement a cross-universe project.

Note that we keep tracking other trends and ideas emerging around. All revolve around mass adoption and 10-digit onboarding like what Binance plans to achieve. We feel we can contribute to this major mission too.

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